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Auto Login to Spire with One Click

The Spire Desktop program spire.exe supports command line parameters that allow you to automatically log on to a specific company from a single short-cut. It should be noted that this does reduce the security of your Spire system in that anyone with access to your desktop can not only run Spire as you, but they can check the properties of the shortcut to determine your password for later use. As such, this is not advisable for general use, but for development and testing, it is sweet.

The parameters for spire.exe are as follows: (case sensitive!)

  • -u user name
  • -p password
  • -H host name (IP address or ‘localhost’ if on server)
  • -P port number (optional, default is 10880)
  • -c company (postgresql dbname)

These parameters can be used to call spire.exe from a batch file, or create a shortcut. Here are the instructions to create a desktop shortcut. Windows 10 shortcut creation with parameters is rather awkward, but I find this method is easiest:

  1. Right click on your desktop and choose “New” then “Shortcut”
  2. Enter or paste the following text as “location of item”
    C:\Program Files\Spire\Desktop\spire.exe
  3. Click Next
  4. Enter a name for your shortcut and click “Finish”
  5. Locate the shortcut created, right-click and choose “Properties”
  6. Under “Target” add a space and then something similar to the following:
    -u peter -p secret – H localhost -P 10880 -c INSPIRE

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